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About Houser Custom Homes

From our customers...

"I have known Dave for over 35 years and he built my first custom home and pool in 2007. After hearing stories about how difficult it could be to build a house, I was glad I chose him. It is a testament to him that we have remained great friends after the completion of my home."

Wes Sureddin, Owner and Operator
Wise Guys Bar & Pizzeria

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Custom Home Solutions
Custom homes in San Antonio, Texas

Houser Custom Homes provides the highest levels of quality, innovative design and construction you can count on. Whether it is brick, stucco or stone, your Houser Custom Home will be rich in design and customized specifically for you.

Our custom home process will allow you to personalize your home beyond the basics. From the architectural plans and the square footage to the cabinets, interior finishes and wall colors; we will work closely with you to make your vision a reality.


Benefits of a Houser Custom Home

  • Innovative Design
  • Construction you can count on
  • The ideal floor plan for you
  • Project planning to meet all of your needs
  • Features and style chosen by you
  • Customer service you can depend on

Project Management Process

We understand that the design and cost considerations need to work together. We have seen many people get plans before getting pricing. Sometimes architects and designers are too creative for their clients budgets. This means the hundreds or thousands of dollars spent on plans could be wasted, not to mention time involved. We help prevent this by working closely with you and being involved earlier in the process. By being involved in the early stages of planning we turn your visions into a reality.

Houser Custom Home Process
build a home in san antonio, texas
  • Builder Contract
  • Project Management
  • Financing (interim & mortgage)
  • Liaison between design team and lender
  • Once plans and financing are in place we become your direct contact
  • We coordinate the construction with the selections made by you, the homeowners
  • We have a great team that works together with defined end goals in mind
  • In addition to keeping our customers happy we maintain great relations with our highly experienced craftsmen.